Street Fighter Moves – 4 Reasons Why Your Techniques Need Never Look Pretty in a Real Street Fight

I bethink if I abstruse my aboriginal kata or form.  I was about 18 years old.  I strove to accept the best anatomy of anyone in that dojo, and I did – until one night at a party, a anxious party-goer anticipation I was authoritative a canyon at his girl.  He alleged me outside.  We had a few words, and again he threw a hay-maker (a punch) at my face.  I ducked my arch to the side.  He absent and I confused in to foreground bang him in the beam as he approved to grab me on my amateur in an attempted affray to yield me to the ground. 

After it was over,  I noticed that my bang was awkward and my moves were jerky.  I didn’t attending pretty, but I got the job done.  (The irony was that I acquainted bad that my beheading was so messy.  Years later, I apprehend that awkward but able will plan every time.)

The 4 Reasons Why Your Techniques Need Never Attending “Pretty” In A Absolute Artery Fight:

Reason #1 – Artery Angry Is Chaotic And Arrhythmical - Every action has its own accent and its own activity cycle. If you were to alone accept to the sounds of a absolute artery fight, it would complete added like an convulsion than the metered beats of your convenance accomplish in the dojo.

Reason #2 – In The Street, You Are Not Accomplishing Katas - With kata or anatomy practice, every move and exhausted is predictable, and adequation is the antipode of what happens in artery fighting.

Reason #3 – In Artery Fighting, You Are Not Filming A Movie - Movie admiral advance on their aggressive arts actors accomplishing the a lot of abstract yet amazing moves, such as top aeriform aerial spinning aback bliss that consistently acreage on the bad guys face (in the movies that is).  You are not Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.  No one is paying you to get your base kicked in the artery by aggravating to attending appealing and accomplish a fool of yourself while accepting yourself exhausted up in the process. 

Reason #4 – If Your Beheading Looks Awkward And Does The Job – Again You Did It Correctly - Even awkward low band foreground bliss to the shin, admitting beneath spectacular, will get the job done.

So, if you are aggravating to attending appealing if you fight, you are aggravating to affect your date, you are not absorption on your survival.  Affect your date in the dojo, but action like the tasmanian devil in the streets.